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C'est La Vie: Tiong Bahru
a Visual Narrative

Experimenting with reflective photography to create a visual narrative in this mini photography project, I explored through the alleys of Tiong Bahru. Considered a popular location in the lion city through various things; from cafes, book stores, architecture, heritage and many more. In this short narrative i'm focusing on the other side of tiong bahru, and the main core of the location, the people. 


Titled "C'est La Vie : Tiong Bahru", which literally translates to "That's the life: Tiong Bahru", I want to portray various kinds of interesting elements of Tiong Bahru through the reflection of people and their surroundings. I'm drawn in the visuals of reflective objects and locations, it captures all the surrounding elements in a subtle way yet it serves as one of the important elements to tell the story of the person in the frame.

The secondary narratives lie on the approach of the art direction of the mirrors, this project was done when I first moved to Singapore, I noticed internally and externally there is this touristy Imagined geographies notion on Tiong Bahru as a place solely for fancy cafes and brunches. With just only a few visits and exchange long hours of conversations with the residents in the neighbourhood, this project would also like to impose that the area is more than that of the mentioned culture and perception. Taking this contrast and juxtaposition, C'est La Vie Tinng Bahru photographs the lives and portraits of the residents, reflected on the windows and glass of the cafe and its viscitnity.

CLV 1-min.jpg
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