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Abbreviation of “Onsen Zen Garden”, Truly Okinawa On-zen Garden is an Onsen (hot spring) bath salt and crystals packaging designed in the form of a Japanese zen rock garden with a magnetized packaging features that would allow you to play and pamper. Purposed for a gift product from Okinawa, Japan, On-Zen Garden will take you on a journey to this island famous for its bathhouses.

Truly Okinawa
(ASPAC) Awards

With the main theme of the year -Inspire, On-zen garden aims to create an interactive and convenient bath experience, where bathers can play a small game of rock balancing with the stackable magnetised packaging. The water-resistant material comes with a measuring cup to mix and measure for a personalised pampering time. With these interactive features and designs, we want bathers to take on their imagination, transporting them to a zen-like bathing experience on Okinawa island.

This On-Zen Garden bath salt and crystal packaging have various of interactive usabilities for you to experience. The 5 rocks contain different customizable bath salts where you can mix and measure in the measuring cup/rock conveniently. The measuring cup would contain all the details about the packaging along with a scannable QR code. All the rocks are water-resistant, reusable, and has a magnetic feature for you to play a mini zen rock stacking game. Enjoy your Okinawa Onsen experience!


Packaging Design, Experience Design, Branding


The Japan Foundation &
Japan Package Design Association (JPDA)



Asia Student Packaging Design (ASPAC) Awards 2019 /  Merit Award



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